by Remedies

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Recorded October 2013-July 2014.


released August 7, 2014

Skylar Davis, Paul Abbott, Kirby Russell



all rights reserved


Remedies Birmingham, Alabama

Remedies formed in Birmingham, AL in April 2012 and released the Every Gorilla EP in August 2012. Then we released the Inanimate EP in July 2013. Currently, we've just finished our first full-length, Believers and released it in August 2014. Thanks for listening! ... more

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Track Name: Violence
I gave
I gave my mind away
to a world of extremes
my dreams
they seem dissolved
saw you walking through walls
so I made you a trap door
I made a violent world

my face is melting in front of the mirror again
my eyes leap into your hands
grind 'em into sand.
Track Name: Time
I woke up too focused on today
watch it slip on by, if that's okay
sleeping in with all my enemies
might as well be friends
they are to me
your younger self would jump up
at the chance
to have his fortune told by all his friends
making promises I'll be up all night
you get to thinking it's all just a waste of

until I come over you, it's just a matter of time

I woke up and heard everything you said
and never looked at her the same again
some college dorm where you both lived
it was 4am, she never had a chance
unattended drinks and dead cell phones
got me wishing I could write back home
tell 'em all I know what life's about
it's gonna rot you from the inside

until I come over you, it's just a matter of time
Track Name: Good Books
without an ending
you might as well be
I guarantee it
and look at him
he oughta be
locked away for
slipping off into the night
out of mind
and out of sight
and you wanted to be above it
catching signals
from the sky

good looks, good books, good times, good days
good luck, I throw my heart away
I know you did, right before you hid
good looks, good books, good times, good breaks
good luck, I throw my heart away
you know it by the way I show it

anyone who
runs away from
all of this wouldn't
anyway, it's like you cheated
it's like you're reading
from a distant point of view
is my redemption
turn into
a better way of doing things
just another day that
you'll never trust